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Aristotle Update

From: address@hidden
Subject: Aristotle Update
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:55:50 -0500



It's More Than a Game...

Roy B. Evans, CAE tells you about his favorite courses.  Click here for his choices! 


From the
Publisher of PMI


The Key
 to the Religious

 Travel Marketplace



We've Come A Long
Way Baby...


How the Meetings and Convention Industry has changed the way we do business. 

Brought to you by the Publisher of PMI.


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Executive Briefing on eBusiness

Aristotle Editors

In March, the number of cellular telephone numbers will exceed 1,050,000,000 and cellular lines will exceed the number of landlines.  Congratulations to Tom Wheeler and CTIA as industry promoters.

In March, the number of users with access to the Internet will exceed 500,000,000; 98% of today's users are on PCs.  In three years, there will 1,000,000,000 Internet users; 50% of which will be on wireless devices - part of the 3G mCommerce phenomenon.

For more eBusiness highlights, click here.

 Sick Buildings:  Sick You?

Dr. J.P. Leskie

More accurately, it is `sick air.'  Increasingly people are becoming aware of the challenges of smoke, mold, and airborne toxins.  The last thing our public places need is a big sign saying, "Beware of Air!' signed `The Toxin Police.'

 The New Kiss

A. G. Esch

While many people are looking at the wide  array of new PCs as the object of their desires, it is really the software that makes all of the difference.  After years of promises, Microsoft has given the world three really good products and a definite reason to upgrade.

 Planning:  Change to a Truly Strategic Model

Bruce Butterfield

The essence of strategy is knowing what not to do.  The purpose of a good strategic plan is to filter out those "not to dos" and focus the organization.  Here's a different planning model that let's that happen.

 Back to Brain Basics

Dr. Joye Norris

The excitement surrounding e-learning technology is palpable and the language evolving for it is compelling. Those in the know are casually referring to synchronicity, asynchronicity, and technology-enabled learning environments.



The First Days of Sophisticated Summer

February's International focus is on Melbourne, Australia - the sophisticated city down under.  As Melbourne the days of Summer; the northern hemisphere is experiencing one of the strangest Winters in some years.  Looking for a special Asian meeting site, take a look at Melbourne.  Click here.





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