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Re: multiplatform software design problem

From: Dimitry Naldaev
Subject: Re: multiplatform software design problem
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 17:45:32 +0500 (YEKT)

>>>>> "Larry" == Larry Jones writes:

Larry> Dimitry Naldaev writes [quoting me]:

Larry> No.  Particularly since there's no reason to believe that one
Larry> character set will contain all the characters of the other
Larry> character set.
>> This sound like it is impossible to do charset conversion at all
>> :-(

Larry> It is, in the general case.  It may be possible in some
Larry> specific cases.

It is not necessary to solve the general case. For example it is big
question how useful conversion between European charset and cyrillic
charset (but appropriate warring or error message will probably be
useful) because this charsets are used for different languages.

But conversion between different encoding of cyrillic charset is
possible and very needed!!!

>> but fortunately there are some utilities which do this work.

Larry> Then use them...  

Of course... Now imagine: I have checked out the work copy of a
project form the repository and re-encode the work copy into 
appropriate charset used on my computer by trid party tools (but if a
project tree is big enough and contain some binary files it can be not
easy to do)

Now I have done some work and wish to know what was changed. But what
happens if I simply say "cvs diff ... "? Will the result be I expect
to see?

And what happens if I commit my changes by mistake without
re-encoding back to the original charset? what say my colleagues?
Some of them also make changes and now the time to commit.'
But before committing they (or he or she) do "cvs update ... "
command. Do you understand what are going to happen?

The next major problem/question is managing of log messages.
Say me how much profit form the log messages part of them is written in
one charset encoding and other part -- in different encoding! And I do
not see the way to solve the problem outside CVS!

Larry>            ... CVS is not a swiss army knife -- it does
Larry> revision management, not character set conversion and
Larry> everything else one might want to do to files.

Great!!! And Why in such case the CVS do line feed conversion between
different OS? This is also non CVS work as you say!!!

With best regards,
Dimitry Naldaev.

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