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Re: multiplatform software design problem

From: Dimitry Naldaev
Subject: Re: multiplatform software design problem
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 10:41:12 +0500 (YEKT)

>>>>> "Larry" == Larry Jones writes:

Larry> Dimitry Naldaev writes:

Larry, there was some questions. unfortunatly you don't wish answer on
them :-(

>> Great!!! And Why in such case the CVS do line feed conversion
>> between different OS? This is also non CVS work as you say!!!

Larry> It doesn't.  It counts on the underlying C run-time library to
Larry> know how to read and write text files correctly.

Is there anybody else who read cvs-bug mail list and can help
me to add feature I very need?

With best reagads,
Dimitry Naldaev

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