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Re: sccs2rcs to perl

From: Riley Williams
Subject: Re: sccs2rcs to perl
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 23:49:37 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Michael.

> My monthly resend of this script.
> I guess I'll include the script directly this time in the hopes that
> maybe people don't like attachments and that's the reason I still
> haven't gotten a response from anyone in the CVS development team.  
> The script (sccs2rcs.in) is attached in-line after the original
> message.
> It would be nice to receive some comment from the CVS development
> team. This is the third time I've sent this out the the mailing
> lists with not a peep from anyone about it.  Very disappointing.

I'm not on the CVS development team as such, just being a very happy
user of CVS, but I would like to offer one possible reason for the lack
of comments: Perhaps those on the list here are like me and don't use
SCCS in the first place, so have no use for the script.

Another possibility is the length of the "To:" and "CC:" list in your
email - I know several people who have their system set up to auto-kill
any emails with more than three names in those two combined simply as a
way to cut down the amount of mail they have to handle, and your email
would not have made it to any of them.

I will add that at University not so long ago, we were expected to use
SCCS for our CS projects, but I coul;dn't get the hang of using SCCS
there, so never made any real use of it. I don't know whether this was
SCCS in general or the way they had it set up, as I've never even looked
at using it elsewhere, but I do know that I was using CVS shortly after
coming across it and installing it on my RedHat Linux system.

Best wishes from Riley.

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