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The Delete Police are at it again!

From: joey6441202s65
Subject: The Delete Police are at it again!
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 03:07:18 -0300

Ever since we found out that no bad stuff would happen to us when we tore the 
tags off
our pillows and mattresses, the Mattress Police were silenced. We hear from 
sources that the notorious Mattress Police are reforming themselves into a new 

Now, they're on the loose again, with a new name and a new mission. When the 
Delete Police (DP) found out about TED, they decided it was not appropriate for 
us to 
have so much fun. From DP's viewpoint, a perpetual frown is proof-positive that 
has a good handle on life. 

The DP is a cranky lot, for sure. They get crazy when they hear us laughing. 
They don't 
like our corny emails, and they for darn sure can't stomach the thought of 
millions of
people smiling about what TED is doing for them.  

You can tell when a DP is lurking around your inbox. You'll get this 
unexplainable urge to
delete our TED Letters, even though your "happy self" wants to save them for 
scrapbook. We understand both the urge to delete the TED Letters and the 
desire to save them. We've experienced it ourselves.

The DP are only interested in influencing those who might be teetering on the 
between smiling and frowning. When you groan, frown, and delete, they win.  How 
you resolve this battle between your fun self and the DP? How can you bring 
peace to
your inbox?  It's very simple. Once you ask for information about TED, the DP 
will leave you alone. 

Don't let those crotchety Delete Police rob you of a life changing experience 
with TED.
You'll be so happy about what TED can do for you, and you'll feel like you're 
10 feet tall 
because you'll be thumbing your nose at the DP. 

We say, bring on more TED People! They are the happiest people we know!  If you 
would like
more information, please send a blank email to infinity3@freeautobot.com.


(Currently, we are set up to work in the United States and Canada only.)
Send an email tomfarrer2002@yahoo.com with remove in the subject to be removed 
from our list.

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