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Re: sccs2rcs to perl

From: Ian Lance Taylor
Subject: Re: sccs2rcs to perl
Date: 08 Mar 2002 19:38:43 -0800
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larry.jones@sdrc.com (Larry Jones) writes:

> Ian Lance Taylor writes:
> > 
> > It was not the case formerly that CVS read the entire RCS file to
> > retrieve the head revision.  I haven't looked at the current code.
> > But previously CVS would just read the RCS header (including all the
> > tags), and then only read revision text as required.
> That's partially true -- CVS does just read the header to start, but
> whenever it needs to read any revision text, it reads all of it.

No, CVS doesn't read the whole RCS file.  Look closely at RCS_checkout
and RCS_deltas.  They stop reading once they have the text they need.


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