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Mother Nature takes it off, again!

From: latest8231u15
Subject: Mother Nature takes it off, again!
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 21:36:30 +1000

Hi !

Over 50 million Americans are on a diet of some kind, and most are frustrated 
to tears! 
Dieting doesn't work for the simple reason(s): If you restrict calories, the 
body goes into 
starvation mode and starts consuming MUSCLE for food and storing FAT for 
High-carbohydrate diets don't work:  When you consume extra carbohydrates and 
sugars, they simply turn into FAT.

A scientifically designed combination of natural ingredients will provide 
long-term weight 
management in a safe and effective manner.

The easiest, fastest, and most effective way to lose both pounds and inches 
permanently, this weight loss program is designed specifically to "boost" 
efforts by assisting body metabolism, and helping the body's ability to manage 
This is a powerful, safe, program that can provide:

1. Body Fat Loss
2. Wrinkle Reduction
3. Energy Level Improvements
4. Increased Muscle Strength
5. Increased Sexual Potency
6. More Emotional Stability
7. Memory Improvements

Science has shown that the real secret to losing fat uses enzymes to reset your 
metabolism to its optimum level naturally.  You'll lose fat, not your lean 
muscle mass,
and you'll keep it off.


Send an email to infinity5@freeautobot.com for more information.


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