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Added directories not reflected on update

From: Joanna J. Bryson
Subject: Added directories not reflected on update
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 15:07:46 -0500 (EST)

>Submitter-Id:   net
>Originator:     Joanna J. Bryson
>Confidential:  <[ yes | no ] (one line)> no
>Synopsis:      <synopsis of the problem (one line)> if user a does "cvs add 
>newdir" and user b does "cvs update", user b does not get newdir.
>Severity:      <[ non-critical | serious | critical ] (one line)> serious
>Priority:      <[ low | medium | high ] (one line)> medium
>Category:      <name of the product (one line)> cvs
>Class:         <[ sw-bug | doc-bug | change-request | support ] (one line)> 
>Release:       1.11.1p1
        <machine, os, target, libraries (multiple lines)>
System: Linux roam93-56.wjh.harvard.edu 2.4.9-31 #1 Tue Feb 26 07:11:02 EST 
2002 i686 unknown
Architecture: i686

        <precise description of the problem (multiple lines)>
        Actually, the single line version says it all.  I guess I should make 
        it clear that I am trying to add a new directory into a current project.
        <code/input/activities to reproduce the problem (multiple lines)>
        This is also in the single line version!
        <how to correct or work around the problem, if known (multiple lines)>
        The only way I know to fix this is to do a seperate cvs checkout, and 
        move the desired directory into the one currently being used!

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