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Re: [PATCH] Map all pserver users to a given user

From: Mike Sutton
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Map all pserver users to a given user
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 16:00:08 -0500
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On 03/15/02 12:29:31, Larry Jones wrote:
> Philippe Troin writes:
> > 
> > The enclosed patch adds a new keyword 'MapAllUsersTo' to the
> > CVSROOT/config repository file. The behavior is:
> A while back, I wrote a patch that provided similar functionality and
> more.  I'm interested to hear opinions on which, if either, should be
> included in CVS.
> My patch allowed specifying "*" for the username and/or the password in
> the CVSROOT/passwd file.  A "*" for a username would match any username.
>  If the password was also "*" or the third field (system user) was
> omitted, only valid system users would be able to log on; if you
> specified an explicit passwords and a system user, anyone knowing the
> password could log on with any username.  A "*" in the password field
> meant to use the user's system password.  That system eliminated the
> need for SystemAuth= in CVSROOT/config since you could do the equivalent
> of SystemAuth=yes by specifying "*:*" and the end of CVSROOT/passwd and
> SystemAuth=no by specifying "*:?" ("?" is an invalid encrypted password,
> so nothing the user specifies can ever match).

This is very similar to a patch I have been using, except I only used
a "*" in the password field to signify that system password should be

Larry's patch is much more flexible than what I have been using and I
would welcome it to be part of CVS. This patch keeps everything in one
file, whereas Philippe's patch puts information into two files. 

I typically map one user to cvsadm to have permisions to modify
CVSROOT.  The other users are mapped to cvsuser and can't modify the
CVSROOT area.  Some of the cvsusers have system accounts and others

My $0.02,

Mike Sutton                      | public class
SAIC                             | software_failure : management_failure
Beavercreek, OH                  | 
Suttonm at saic . com            | These are MY opinions, not SAIC's

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