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Re: cvs export created CVS directory

From: Patrick Bohrer
Subject: Re: cvs export created CVS directory
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 10:35:08 -0600
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It is client server.

The server is running 1.11 and my client is 1.11.1p1 Another person is running 1.11 and it works fine.

Here is an exact trace the commands and the results...

[pbohrer@arlab248 mambo-sti-release]$ cvs export -D now -d include mambo/mambo-common/ppc-shared/callthru_config.h
U include/callthru_config.h
[pbohrer@arlab248 mambo-sti-release]$ ls include
./  ../  callthru_config.h
[pbohrer@arlab248 mambo-sti-release]$ cvs export -D now -d include mambo/mambo-sti/sti_app.h
U include/sti_app.h
[pbohrer@arlab248 mambo-sti-release]$ ls include
./  ../  callthru_config.h  CVS/  sti_app.h
[pbohrer@arlab248 mambo-sti-release]$


Larry Jones wrote:

Patrick Bohrer writes:

Running CVS 1.11-1p1

cvs export -D today -d include foo/bar/foo.h
cvs export -D today -d include blah/blah/blah.h

The second command will create the CVS directory in the include
directory and then complain that it can't export into the working directory.

I can't reproduce that problem.  Are you sure you're running a stock
1.11.1p1 with no modifications?  Anything other than comments in your
$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/config file?  Are you using a local repository, or are
you using client/server CVS?  If client/server, what version of CVS is
the server running?  The above commands appear to be representative
rather than literal -- are you sure they're really representative?

-Larry Jones

Somebody's always running my life.  I never get to do what I want to do.
-- Calvin

Patrick Bohrer
IBM Research, Austin

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