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Space in author's name

From: Christian Michaud
Subject: Space in author's name
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 09:23:43 -0500

I have problem with author name in graph view. When i click on a "revision"
(small box :).. the author's name is empty in the revision's log (who appear
in output window). The problem is that author's name containt space! ex :
"Jeffrey Jones"
- If i remove the space in the temporary file (the file "cvsgui2(null)" in
tmp directory - i thinks it's the result of cvs.exe). All work fine!
- I thinks it's the file parser... if you check this lines in file lexer.ll

/* a tag/author/state string */
tag ([^ \t\r\n:;])+

This tag seem to be a regular expression.. who dont accept space as a good
character! I try to remove the space and compile all the code.. but when i
run WinCVS, the parser dont work on the temporary file and the graph dont
appear! This tag must be use for other things that author! Can you found how
get the author name in the log revision!!?!?


(Sorry, i have some difficulty in english! ;)

Christian Michaud
R/D Tech - www.rd-tech.com

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