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changing wincvs to use cvs -d $CVSROOT instead of cvs only

From: Isabelle Hunt
Subject: changing wincvs to use cvs -d $CVSROOT instead of cvs only
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 17:53:39 -0800

Hi Guys,

     Wincvs is calling all of its cvs commands directly without passing
the -d $CVSROOT parameter. This means it's relying on the Root file inside
of each CVS directory to set the $CVSROOT.
    Unfortunetly, I need to overwrite the $CVSROOT stored inside the Root
file. Basically, I do not want to use anonymous connection to the server on
linux, but all my users use a shared directory. Which means there's only one
version checkout by me and they will only be able to modify files one at a
time from that checked out version, but it's what I want (they are business
people and I want to reduce the chance of errors). Anyway, the users are on
NT. I want Wincvs to automatically call the cvs commands to get the $CVSROOT
from the Preferences section in the Admin tab and call cvs -d $CVSROOT from
that $CVSROOT instead of relying on the Root file.
    I don't know if an alias could work ie cvs = cvs -d $CVSROOT as they are
different users , and they are all working from different computers all
remote from the server (we are using pserver mode). So I guess I could
modify the code to make it do that.

Anybody has done that before. Any advises? Do you think I can just parse the
.cvspass to get the $CVSROOT and pass a parameter to each of the py scripts
replacing every cvs by cvs -d $param?

Thanks a lot.


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