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cvs-1.10, 1.11: cvs [export aborted]: tag `1.1' must be a symboli c tag

From: Seelbach, Wolfgang
Subject: cvs-1.10, 1.11: cvs [export aborted]: tag `1.1' must be a symboli c tag
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 14:57:23 +0200


It is not possible to export using a revision tag, for example:

cvs export  -r 1.1  test4711/ActBar.cc  ==> cvs [export aborted]: tag `1.1'
must be a symbolic tag
cvs checkout  -r 1.1  test4711/ActBar.cc        ==> NO ERROR

The tag '1.1' is rejected by checkout.c, line 235 (cvs-1.11.1p1):

    if (m_type == EXPORT)
        if (!tag && !date)
            error (1, 0, "must specify a tag or date");

        if (tag && isdigit ((unsigned char) tag[0]))
            error (1, 0, "tag `%s' must be a symbolic tag", tag);

Is this a bug? 
If not: 
  - What's the reason for this test (tag && isdigit ...)?
  - Would the "deactivation" of this test in checkout.c bring up any


  Wolfgang Seelbach

See also:
A.10.1 export options
These standard options are supported by export (see section A.5 Common
command options <cvs_16.html>, 
for a complete description of them):
-D date 
        Use the most recent revision no later than date. 
        If no matching revision is found, retrieve the most recent revision
(instead of ignoring the file). 
        Local; run only in current working directory. 
        Do not run any checkout program. 
        Export directories recursively. This is on by default. 
-r tag 
        Use revision tag. 

In addition, these options (that are common to checkout and export) are also

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