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You or someone you know has Hepatitis C.

From: HCV Anonymous
Subject: You or someone you know has Hepatitis C.
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 19:27:12 -0700

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You or someone you know has Hepatitis C.

In the United States, almost every person knows someone with HCV. It is suspected that there are, at present, more than 5 million people in the United States who are infected with Hepatitis C, and perhaps as many as 200 million around the world.

This makes HCV one of the greatest public health threats faced in this century. Without rapid intervention to contain the spread of the disease, the death rate from hepatitis C will surpass that from AIDS in the next few years and will only get worse.

Newsweek Story
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Pamela Anderson Shows Courage

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson
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Pamela's Hepatitis Bombshell

In a surprise announcement, Pamela Anderson said she was suffering from hepatitis C, and she blames the infection on ex-husband Tommy Lee.


About HCV Anonymous

We at www.hcvanonymous.com would like to welcome any interested people to join us in the fight against this disease. Information is power, and together we can make a difference. HCV Anonymous is a public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. HCV Anonymous is a group created to combine the strength of many members to benefit one and all.

Please, we ask that you become involved in any way that you can; feel free to forward this e-mail. You are not obligated to donate financially to HCV Anonymous; there are no dues or fees. However, our 501(c)(3) non-profit status will be finalized in the next few months, and we have modified the Twelve Traditions from Alcoholics Anonymous so that we may accept contributions and advertise.

We have already started to research and apply for a number of grants and donations from major corporate sponsors. This way we will be able to build the World Service Organization (WSO), publish and distribute literature, promote HCV Anonymous at conventions and workshops, and do public service announcements.

Our primary aim for the immediate future is to bring together hepatitis support groups, patients, and organizations that serve people with hepatitis, to work towards the common goal of unity, education, support, and spiritual awareness. By linking resources, we are creating a centralized community as well as a large network for support, unifying us, assisting us to confront, evaluate, and challenge and change thinking that impedes our progress and well-being.

We will be offering FREE Meeting Starter Packs for already existing HCV meetings, and for new groups of interested people willing to follow the 12 Traditions of HCV Anonymous. The Meeting Starter Packs will include HCV Anonymous Positive Attitudes Workbooks, Meeting Guidelines, Meeting Formats, Literature Packs, Newcomer Chips, and all Celebration Tokens.

There is no authority structure. HCV Anonymous is made up mainly of volunteers who seek to work together in many contexts. By committing ourselves to service and unity, we are not demanding spiritual or other personal uniformity. We meet on points of accord. Each of us believes that together we can make the world a better place to live for everyone infected with or affected by HCV.


A few of the ways you can help:

1.  Volunteer to help us promote HCV Anonymous.
2.  We need translators to translate our website into French, German, Italian, Dutch,
     Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, etc. This way we can
     serve other countries and unite them with our cause. 
3.  Volunteer to host an online open chat or 12-Step meeting. (All time zones needed.)
4.  Become a sponsor or e-mail partner.
5.  Start an HCV Anonymous meeting in your area.
6.  Donate to HCV Anonymous if you can.
7.  Join as a member of HCV Anonymous on our website or click here to subscribe to



Why a 12-Step program for HCV?

There are many people with hepatitis C whose emotions and behavior are destroying them; this behavior is putting an unnecessary burden on many of their loved ones. They may have drinking, smoking, eating, fitness, psychological, and sexual issues that need to be addressed. They may have unresolved issues regarding treatment. Others may need to "come to believe that a power greater than themselves exists." They do not believe in God or a Higher Power, or their relationship with their Higher Power is faltering.

There are other people who need to learn how to assess all facets of their health (clean house), trust their Higher Power, and unload the guilt, shame, and depression that is holding them in bondage (whether they are aware of it or not).


There are others who have by now transformed the stumbling block of HCV into a stepping-stone. They have learned how to live happy, healthy, and normal lives. Here, they can use their experience, strength, and hope to help others. 

It has been proven that 12-Step programs work. There are over 300 different 12-Step programs. HCV Anonymous Positive Attitudes is tailored to meet the needs of everyone infected with or affected by HCV.

This manuscript uses a “Higher Power of your understanding” approach. This non-religious approach hosts everyone regardless of race, creed, religion or lack of religion, or sexual orientation. Our program offers guidelines for a variety of meeting formats.

Visit our website and get the second edition of our 12-Step Workbook HCV Anonymous Positive Attitudes PDF File Version FREE. You can even print it out.


This innovative ALL FREE interactive website will help you locate and meet people who have HCV. You can upload or view photos, post messages, place or read personal ads, etc; get support from people with or affected by HCV; join on-line meetings and chats.  We also provide you with current news.

We offer an excellent layout of links to hundreds of websites that will help you find everything you need, including SSI/Disability, alternative treatment, doctors specializing in HCV, free medication, help for depression, and much more. 

If you have a website, please link to ours, or have us link to yours; there is strength in numbers! E-mail to info@hcvanonymous.com

This message was brought to you by HCV Anonymous.

Thank you for being part of our vision.

HCV Anonymous Staff


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