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Re: cvs-1.11.2 --disable-client build failure

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: cvs-1.11.2 --disable-client build failure
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 03:07:36 -0400 (EDT)

Matthias Andree writes:
> Building cvs-1.11.2 from source, with --disable-client and
> --disable-dependency-tracking yields:
> logmsg.c: In function `do_editor':
> logmsg.c:198: structure has no member named `isremote'
> logmsg.c:199: structure has no member named `isremote'

I've checked in a fix for this.  Thanks!

-Larry Jones

Oh, what the heck.  I'll do it. -- Calvin

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