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From: Anthony Shipman
Subject: "BADROOT"
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 03:43:54 +1000
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commit.c says

     * For log purposes, do not allow "root" to commit files.  If you look
     * like root, but are really logged in as a non-root user, it's OK.
    /* FIXME: Shouldn't this check be much more closely related to the
       readonly user stuff (CVSROOT/readers, &c).  That is, why should
       root be able to "cvs init", "cvs import", &c, but not "cvs ci"?  */

It seems the only purpose of the restriction is to prevent the user name
in the log message being "root".  But in subr.c the getcaller() function
will read LOGNAME or USER which I can set to control the name in the
log file, if I care.

So how about getting rid of this restriction?  As root, I would like to
maintain system configuration files/logs with cvs.

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