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Re: Lost process output in pipe between Emacs and CVS

From: Ian Lance Taylor
Subject: Re: Lost process output in pipe between Emacs and CVS
Date: 08 Jul 2002 09:13:38 -0700
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"Stefan Monnier" <monnier+gnu/emacs/pretest@rum.cs.yale.edu> writes:

> Over the last few years, I've had several times people complain about
> PCL-CVS' diff output being incorrect (with parts missing).
> Now my direct `read' calls from GDB make me believe that maybe the
> problem is not in Emacs, but in CVS instead (I use cvs-1.11.1p1
> from the Redhat distribution, with a mix of Redhat-7.2
> and Redhat-7.3 GNU/Linux system).
> But the fact that `cvs diff src/minibuf.c |(sleep 120; wc)' works
> correctly make me think that maybe it is a bug in Emacs.
> Could anybody help me out with insight/hints/patches/chocolates ?

I use CVS over SSH.  I see the same problem when I pipe the output of
cvs diff to less.  I never see it when I redirect cvs output to a
file.  There is no emacs involved, so it's not an emacs bug.  I'm
running an old CVS client though--pre 1.11.  I haven't tried to track
down the problem.


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