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Re: bug: files not in working dir after checkout

From: Jan Ohlhorst
Subject: Re: bug: files not in working dir after checkout
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 16:47:31 +0200

hi Larry,

you can do the following to reproduce the bug:

1. person A and person B have both their new updated dirs of the 
2. person A has also a dir in his working dir which doesn't belong to
   the repository. the dir is e.g. called 'special' in this dir are
   some files.
3. person B also has the dir 'special' and decides to have it in the
   repository. -> he adds the dir and the file.
4. person A wants to have the new file, but can't get it. the dir
   'special' exists but the file from the repository is not inside.
   there is also no dir called 'CVS' in 'special'.

hope this helps.


> Jan Ohlhorst writes:
> >
> > if i do a checkout of a dir which already exists in my working-dir
> > before the checkout, the files (of the repository) which belong to
> > that dir are not copied to my working-dir.
> I can't seem to reproduce that problem with the current version of CVS
> (1.11.2).
> -Larry Jones
> It works on the same principle as electroshock therapy. -- Calvin

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