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enhancement suggested to tag_check_valid_join

From: Noam Wasersprung
Subject: enhancement suggested to tag_check_valid_join
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 21:13:26 +0300

Hi all,

this check:
  isdigit ((unsigned char) join_tag[0])

is crippling since not all numeric tags are invalid for joint tag/date spec.
Only those that contain an odd number of '.' separators (and hence are static 
numeric tags).

Best regards, 
Noam Wasersprung 

Software Team Leader, Jungo - R&D 
email: noam@jungo.com 
Web:   http://www.jungo.com 
Phone: 1-877-514-0537(USA) +972-9-8859365(Worldwide), ext. 224 
Fax:   1-877-514-0538(USA) +972-9-8859366(Worldwide) 

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