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Re: Make error

From: Thomas Maslen
Subject: Re: Make error
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 13:58:04 +1000

Ian Lance Taylor <ian@airs.com> wrote:

> Make sure that /usr/ccs/bin/ar exists, and make sure that /usr/ccs/bin
> is in your PATH.  /usr/ccs/bin/ar comes with Solaris, but you have to
> install the right package; I don't know which package that is, though.


If the Solaris box was set up as a developer machine, it should already
be installed;  if it was only set up as an end-user machine, maybe not.

Usually, though, the package is installed but /usr/ccs/bin isn't included
on the user's PATH.

Also, of course, do *not* put /usr/ucb on your PATH, and for the most 
part do *not* set LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

/usr/ccs/bin also contains the SVR4 version of 'make', so set your path
appropriately depending on whether you want GNU make or SVR4 make to
take precedence.

(I ended up having a ~/bin directory that contains links to selected 
GNU programs, e.g. GNU make and GNU tar, and putting that directory on
my path ahead of everything else when I want GNU make and maybe GNU tar 
but not other GNU things, e.g. GNU as or the other binutils).

Thomas Maslen

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