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China International Biology Projects Fair

From: Biogene
Subject: China International Biology Projects Fair
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 15:23:44 +0800

Dear Sir or Madam:
  I am sorry to interrupt you ,We are the"China International Biology Projects 
Fair",I believe our fair is suitalbe for you and your company,so I would like 
to give you a basic introduction of our fair.
  Our fair ,which will be hold in Jinglun  Hotel, Beijing,P.R.China on August 
28th -31st, 2002 ,is a fair for exchanging  updated reasearch results in the 
field of biology.The Organizers are:China Biology Item Innovation 
Incubator,Information Consultation Center of Chinese Academy of Science 
,Science Press and China Biology Software Web.
  On our four days fair many experts, specialists and scholars will discuss the 
issues of frontier technology and science research on this field. 
Simultaneously, many CEOs, government officials, and investors will look into 
the future development, investment opportunities and strategies in 
biotechnology industry, including  industrialization in agriculture짙짭medicine, 
industry and environment. 
  In addition to public research results ,on the four days period, we will also 
have a CEO forum as well as a Invester forum,which will provide more chance for 
our representitives to further develope their business.
  For report programe, we can list you some of our report as below:
No.1: Biology industry  
   1). Science technology achievements transferring and the induction of 
venture capital
   2). Current research of biology industry and the trend in China
   3). The influence of our biology technology after acceding to WTO and 
No.2: biology technology  
   4). Stem cell research and body-cell clone 
   5). The role of biology technology in the future agriculture 
   6). Gene and trans-gene technology
   7). Gene chip technology
No.3: biology development   
   8). Morality and ethic about human clone
   9). Facing the biochemical panic-Anthrax 
No.4: biopharmaceuticals    
  10). The prospect of gene engineering and natural pharmaceuticals 
  11). Gene anti-cancer medicine 
  12). Chinese Traditional Medicine therapy for AIDS
  No.5: biology resources       
  13). Gene pollution-the alarm of new century
  14). Patent-protecting for biology resources
No.6: biology information    
  15). Biology software
  16). Information data and commercial platform
  17). medicine industry resolve strategy
No.7:Visit China      
B.the Great Wall and Dingling  
No.8:Evening banquet  

  We welcome you warmly to our the China International Biology Projects Fair in 
 Jinglun Hotel,and if you have any question ,you can contact us as below .


Fair organizing committee  
Contact us :
Tel: 86+10+51026291  51026292  51026293
Fax: 86+10+51026290
Http:// www.genefax.com
E-mail: genefax@263.net

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