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Re: Lost process output in pipe between Emacs and CVS

From: kevin wang
Subject: Re: Lost process output in pipe between Emacs and CVS
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 09:32:47 -0700

 From Ian Lance Taylor
> I don't see a right answer here.  Maybe CVS should include a script
> which calls ssh piping stderr to cat, and tell people to use that
> instead of using ssh.

If you're looking for 'cat' to do "infinite" buffering, i.e. it will
keep adsorbing input even while the output is blocked, it won't do that.
'less' will, and possibly some (not all) versions of 'more'.

'cat' relies on the stdin and stdout block buffers just like all other
unix i/o programs.

*Some* versions of 'cat' do have a "line buffer mode" i.e. flush
as soon as a newline is found, rather than the usual blocking mode.
Some versions of 'cat' natively enter this mode when stdout is a tty.
gnu-textutils (at least the version in rh73) doesn't have command-line
arguments for 'line buffer mode'

so if you're looking for a utility to do i/o buffering for you, cat
isn't it.

   - Kevin

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