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cvs-1.11.2 "make check" failure: modules5-8

From: Paul Jarc
Subject: cvs-1.11.2 "make check" failure: modules5-8
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 14:46:04 -0400
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I got this error in check.log with 1.11.2:
PASS: modules5-7
** expected: 
U realmodule/a
cvs [a-z]*: Executing 
checkout script invoked in /fs/logs/mount/tmp/cvs-serv[0-9a-z]*
args: realmodule
** got: 
U realmodule/a
cvs server: Executing 
checkout script invoked in /fs/home/mount/home/prj/tmp/cvs-serv12338
args: realmodule
FAIL: modules5-8

/fs/logs/mount/tmp is the same as /tmp, and
/fs/home/mount/home/prj/tmp is the same as my $TMPDIR.  I tried again
with TMPDIR unset, and this test passed.  So either sanity.sh should
unset TMPDIR or the test should be made insensitive to TMPDIR.  (Also,
it appears that the TESTDIR path isn't regexp-quoted, which could
cause test failures if it doesn't match itself.)

I'd like to be able to run the tests without using /tmp at all.  Is
that possible?  Setting TESTDIR apparently isn't sufficient.


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