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CVS 1.11.2, commit with no message core dumps

From: Jean-Pierre Sevigny
Subject: CVS 1.11.2, commit with no message core dumps
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 13:04:36 -0400

CVS (1.11.2) cores dump when commiting with no comments (and hitting continue after empty editing..).
In the logfile_write function, it tries to to fprintf message, and message is NULL, so it cores.
I fixed it in my copy of CVS by changing
fprintf (pipefp, "Log Message:\n%s\n", message)      // this will core if message is NULL
fprint (pipefp, "Log Message:\n%s\n", message ? message : "");  // putting empty string
I havent deeply checked the implications of that fix, but at first it seems ok.

Jean-Pierre Sévigny

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