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cvs log times

From: Jean-Pierre Sevigny
Subject: cvs log times
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 17:39:24 -0400


I am not getting the right dates for my logs, i am getting GMT time.

In rcs.c, a call to gmtime is made, which is the time i'm getting when
issuing a 'cvs log' command.

I do have the TZ variable set (Canada/Eastern), and tzset is called (i tried
removing that call, and
get the same results).

I am running on  SunOS Sparc 5.8, cvs 1.11.2.

I changed the 'gmtime' call in rcs.c to 'localtime', and get the right
I'm afraid there will be some side effects to that change, and would like to
the right fix.

Jean-Pierre Sevigny

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