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new authentication mode

From: Markus Grabner
Subject: new authentication mode
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 14:50:07 +0200
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        Hi all!

    To better fit the purposes at our institute, I implemented a small
extension to the CVS server (see below). Find attached the patch (created with 
"cvs diff -u"), including all my changes to source code and documentation. I 
tried to follow the guidelines described in "HACKING", with two exceptions:

*) All recent ChangeLog entries are by Derek or Larry, so I gave a short 
explanation to "NEWS" only.
*) The self-test procedures in "sanity.sh" explicitly turn off system 
authentication. However, my code requires system authentication to work. I 
could add an extra entry with SystemAuth=yes, but a fully automatic test of 
the new code requires the script to run as root (since a test user has to be 
created) which, I guess, is undesirable. Anyway, I could try to hack such a 
thing, but I would prefer to have some other opinions on this before.


P.S.: short description of my patch: by providing the "passwd" file in
the CVSROOT directory, the administrator can define users that should be
allowed to access the repository, passwords of these users, and
optionally user names to which each connection should be mapped at the
server. We found it convenient to use each user's system password for
authentication instead of the one provided in CVSROOT/passwd to avoid
having to keep CVSROOT/passwd up to date manually. Our modified CVS
server checks for the system password if "+" is given in CVSROOT/passwd
instead of the encrypted password (inspired by the syntax in
/etc/passwd, where "+::::::" tells the system to look elsewhere (namely,
YP) for user records).

Markus Grabner - Computer Graphics and Vision
Graz University of Technology, Inffeldgasse 16/II, 8010 Graz, Austria
Phone: +43/316/873-5041, Fax: +43/316/873-5050
Email: grabner@icg.tu-graz.ac.at, WWW: http://www.icg.tu-graz.ac.at/~grabner

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