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Export Creating CVS Admin Files

From: Gene L Barnes
Subject: Export Creating CVS Admin Files
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 11:41:56 -0400

I am running cvs 1.11.1p1 on both my client and server side.  My connection is using :ext when specifying my repository (CVSROOT).  The connection is made via ssh.  Unfortunately export when run in this mode is producing the cvs admin files and directories (CVS) in my target.  As I intend to use this for distributing a release it is unwanted and directly contradicts the export documentation.  I have cut and pasted my (debug) output  to clarify.  However, if run directly on the cvs server, export runs as advertised, i.e., no CVS sub-directory.  I can easily work around it, but it seemed worth reporting.
++ test -d /home/geneb/build/build20020801/posho/CVS
++ echo CVS sub-directory doesn't exist            
CVS sub-directory doesn't exist                    
++ cvs export -r build20020725 posho/release.sh    
U posho/release.sh                                 
++ cvs export -r build20020725 posho/build.sh      
U posho/build.sh                                   
++ test -d /home/geneb/build/build20020801/posho/CVS
++ echo CVS sub-directory exists                   
CVS sub-directory exists                           
++ set +x                                          
Gene Barnes

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