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Re: Getting new directories on trunk-to-branch merge.

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Getting new directories on trunk-to-branch merge.
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 12:37:13 -0400
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James Hughes wrote:

Derek Robert Price wrote:

James Hughes wrote:


If I'm doing a merge, say, from trunk to branch, and new directories have been created on the trunk since the branch was made, is there a way to get those directories on the branch as well? I've tried "cvs up -d -j HEAD", but that didn't work; this implies to me that I have to re-add and re-commit the directories in order for branch and trunk to align. Is this correct?

Does `cvs -f up -djHEAD' work?

No. '-d' only works if the directories already exist on the branch. Creating and then doing 'cvs add' on the directories in question (on the branch) caused the directory contents to be pulled on update. From there , a commit on the branch, and everything lined up.



Are you sure you passed the `-f' argument I mentioned above to tell CVS not to read your `.cvsrc' file?

CVS has no concept of directories being on or off of a branch. Only that they exist. `-d' should have been sufficient to pull even directories that check out empty unless `-P' (prune empty directories) was specified in your `.cvsrc', in a wrapper script, or whereever.



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