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Re: user.c, user.h

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: user.c, user.h
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 08:24:45 -0400
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Andrey Aristarkhov wrote:

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From: Derek Robert Price [mailto:derek@ximbiot.com]
Yep, you're right.  Sorry about that.  I like your abstraction and I'm
tempted to say it should be in root.c or the like and extended for all
admin files (e.g. get_repository_admin_file(root, CVSROOTADM_PASSWD))
simply because all those sprintf("%s/%s/%s",...)'s that litter the
look messy and don't necessarily remain portable across OSs, but I'm
hardly going to require that for acceptance of this patch.
I agree with you. I can write the function in root.c.

If you like. Maybe turn it into a separate patch. Like I said, I won't require it for your first patch.

My suggestion is place get_password(char * username, char *
passpwd_file) as a common function and reuse it in user.c, login.c and
server.c, since it has the same logic for .cvspass and CVSROOT/passwd.
Function get_alias also could be placed in server.c and reused.

I still think it should be modeled more after the getpwnam() type system passwd functions and return a pointer to a structure containing all the fields from the file so that the data can be cached and the passwd file won't need to be reaccessed for every field.

The only thing I've taken from login.c
is GETPASS macro definition. Suppose it should be placed in cvs.h
header file.
I missed that GETPASS was from login.c.  `cvs.h' might be an
place.  Maybe a new `user.h' or `subr.h' would be more appropriate.
I think user.h is more suitable place.


I try to explain why I have done it in this way. User can work with
repository in local and server mode. In a server mode there is no
problem to detect current user name, but it's not possible in local mode
- only the caller principal can be detected.

Unless my grasp of NT terminology is worse than I think, under local mode on UNIX, the caller principal is assumed to be the user name. Does something prevent that under NT?



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