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dying gasps from servername unexpected

From: Matthew Pressly
Subject: dying gasps from servername unexpected
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 12:15:50 -0500

I am accessing CVS on a remote server through SSH. Both machines are running CVS 1.11 under SuSE Linux, 7.1. Everything has been working fine for well for months with this arrangement until yesterday when I began getting "dying gasps from servername unexpected" messages almost every time I did a checkout or update of the entire project. This error message only appears when I do a checkout of the entire project module or an update at the top level of that project. It does not occur when I do an update from somewhere further down in the directory hierarchy of the project. The repository contains about 30MB of data in a total of 1679 files in 176 directories.

I also experimented with making a copy of the project module into a separate directory and made successive checkouts while gradually pruning away sections of the module in the repository until the error messages quit appearing. The success or failure of a given checkout did not seem to be directly related to which files the repository contained, but more related to the total quantity of data that was being transmitted, but at this point it is pretty much a black box to me.

A google searched on this subject turned up several messages, but nothing very conclusive.

How can I go about debugging this problem? Am I starting to run into any sort of limit on how big a single cvs module can be?

The error message appears at the end of the update. Is it something that can be safely ignored? Does it indicated that any of the work of doing the checkout or update was left incomplete, or does it just indicate some type of failure to close the SSH connection?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Matthew Pressly

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