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Re: Cvs commit aborted: cannot rename file

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Cvs commit aborted: cannot rename file
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 13:36:44 -0400
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Xu, Jenny wrote:

Using cvs on Solaris as server and cvs.exe in IDEA as client, version cvs 1.11.1p1.

Developers can commit their own files, checkout and update all the files successfully. But if developer A update a file created by developer B, then commit that file, A got this error message:

X:\cvs.exe commit -m "" Test1.java
Checking in Test1.java;
X:/cvsroot/examples/Test1.java,v  <--  Test1.java
new revision: 1.9; previous revision: 1.8
cvs.exe [commit aborted]: cannot rename file X:/cvsroot/examples/,Test1.java, to X:/cvsroot/examples/Test1.java,v: File exists

CVS command finished execution

Shared network drives are not recommended as a way of accessing CVS repositories. There are all sorts of disasterous things that can go wrong, many of them having to do with caching and locking and which can result in severe data loss.

I know NFS has these problems.  SMB might very well have them as well.

That said, the specific problem you are encountering is probably related to permissions on the file. When I have seen that error message previously, the drive was an SMB share exported by a Samba server running on UNIX. Tweaking the Samba server might fix things, but again, I wouldn't recommend it unless you are a developer dead-set on finding and fixing all the problems you'll encounter yourself. If you are, feel free to request more advice. :)



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