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Re: Information regarding cvs [server aborted]: received broken pipe

From: Kevin Wang
Subject: Re: Information regarding cvs [server aborted]: received broken pipe signal
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 07:07:22 -0700

 From Mark Lancisi
>    I ran into this error message
>    cvs [server aborted]: received broken pipe signal
>    after  implementing  a tool (in perl), via the loginfo file, to remind
>    engineers  (via email) to double update when checking into subordinate
>    branches  as  listed  in  a  self  maintained control file.  The error
>    seemed  benign when checking files into a single directory, (though it
>    turned  out  even  this  was  not benign because some automation I had
>    written  that was attempting to do a commit was catching the error and
>    bailing  out,  which  is  how I found the problem in the first place),
>    however  when   you  did  a  top  level   commit  expecting files from
>    multiple  directories  to  be  checked in, the server would bail after
>    processing  and  checking in files from the first directory.. ( so you
>    cannot  really  "ignore the message" as is suggested in the manual, if
>    you expect to be able to do multi-level commits).
>    After  much  frustration  and testing in a cvs project off to the side
>    (but  in  the same repository), I found that the problem occurred only
>    when  the  script I wrote didn't send any mail to anyone because there
>    was  no reason too (ie the branch or trunk they were checking into was
>    not listed as a subordinate of any other branch or the trunk..)
>    So  -  the  problem,  I  believe, is that the server does not like any
>    script  that  is  called via loginfo to NOT send mail. This could be a
>    slight  simplification of the problem, as I didn't prove that this was
>    the  only  cause  of  the  broken  pipe  message, but it certainly was
>    behaving  this  way with regard to my script, so I know it is at least
>    one cause.
>    I'd  been using loginfo for a year prior to send mail on commit but it
>    turns  out  that  the script I am using there is set up to always send
>    mail on every commit, so I never saw this problem.
>    To  get  around the problem, I changed my new script to send mail to a
>    nobody  user  set up with an inbox of (essentially) /dev/null whenever
>    it doesn't need to send any mail at all...  This seems to sufficiently
>    fake  out  the  server  and  keeps  from  flooding a dummy inbox while
>    avoiding  the  "broken pipe signal" thereby fixing multi-level commits
>    (and my automation ;-)  ) .
>    Feel free to post this anywhere on the net if it can be of help.

Question - when you do not send email, do you still read everything
from stdin?  I suspect that if you don't read from stdin, that's where
this error may be comming from.  Try purging stdin with "cat >/dev/null"
and see if that fixes it.

   - Kevin

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