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Problems with version for windows

From: Bosko Ivanisevic
Subject: Problems with version for windows
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 15:30:23 +0200

With version I couldn't delete revisions so I switched to 1.11.2 in
which that bug was fixed but I found another one. With this version it is
not possible to commit changes to the base. I saw that other people had same
problems so I looked briefly through the code and here are changes that
should be made in order to build version which will be able to delete
revisions and commit changes to the base:

1. In the file cvs.h there is a line

#include "options.h"

which causes preprocessor to load file options.h from src folder which is
not correct. If this line is changed to

#include <options.h>

proper options file will be loaded (the one from windows-NT directory)

2. In Windows-NT/filesubr.c file there is no definition for function

char *strcat_filename_onto_homedir PROTO ((const char *, const char *));

which is declared in cvs.h. That function should be implemented in
windows-NT/filesubr.c in a similar way as it is implemented in

These two changes are enough to get good latest version of CVS for windows.


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