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GSSAPI + pserver + systemauth=no

From: jmarquart
Subject: GSSAPI + pserver + systemauth=no
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 10:28:44 -0400

I am running the following configuration:

cvs runs pserver - via xinetd
     repository has config file modifiedsuch that systemauth=no
     repository has passwd filew/ entries such as:

I then run a client:
     with GSSAPI/krb5 authentication - users WITH machine accounts on cvsbox are
allowed to authenticate and use cvs normally (however - userid does not get
remapped to cvs)
     with GSSAPI/krb5 authentication - users WITHOUT machine accounts fail  (it
looks like they fail at the test around line 6032 in server.c of 1.11.1p1 - as
this is the only place I have found a "access denied" statement in the source)
     with plaintext pserver authentication - users WITHOUT machine accounts -
can log in and are mapped to the cvs account

What I want (i.e. is this possible?) is:
     users WITH or WITHOUT machine accounts to be able to via krb5 creds connect
to cvs.
          then that user authentication gets translated by passwd file - such
that user1 become cvs in the server's eyes.

I would have assumed that this is possible, but have been unable to get it to
     If this is not possible with the stock tree- does anyone have patches that
might enable this behavior?


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