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CVS Proxy Server?

From: Pankaj K Garg
Subject: CVS Proxy Server?
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 14:33:20 -0700

Hi everyone:

 For a while I've been thinking of a CVS proxy
server, much like we have HTTP proxy servers. The idea
will be to allow people to have one or more proxy servers
on their LANs, to access repositories located on WANs.

 The proxy could handle (and cache) most of the read requests,
e.g., checkout, while passing on the write requests
to the real server. Maybe we can implement an addition
to the CVS server to handle proxy requests.

 Before I go about digging in the protocol to try
to implement this, I wanted to get a sanity check on
the idea from this list. Do people think this is a
good idea and is feasible? Or, am I completely off

 Would appreciate any thoughts.



Pankaj K Garg              gargp@acm.org
1684 Nightingale Avenue    408-373-4027
Sunnyvale, CA 94304

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