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rtag -a bug

From: Hackett, Jonny E
Subject: rtag -a bug
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 18:39:00 -0500

rtag -a <tagname> <module> 

The above command will add the <tagname> to the head revision of files where
that tag doesn't exist.

According to the cvs documentation, this command should only remove the
specified tag from files in the Attic.

Is the documentation incorrect?  Or is this a valid bug.

How we use it:

Builds to qc:

cvs -d <cvsroot> rtag -r <developer tag> <new_build_tag> <module>
cvs -d <cvsroot> rtag -r <last_build_tag> <new_build_tag> <module>

To clean new build tag from removed files:
cvs -d <cvsroot> rtag -a <new_build_tag> <module>


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