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Re: cvs 1.11.2-FreeBSD stuck at 100% CPU

From: Henrik Nordstrom
Subject: Re: cvs 1.11.2-FreeBSD stuck at 100% CPU
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 01:19:48 +0100
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On Wednesday 11 December 2002 00.11, Larry Jones wrote:

> There's a known incompatibility between CVS 1.11.2 and previous
> clients when using compression that causes a hung server with no
> CPU utilization.  There's another known bug that causes the server
> to go into an infinite loop when a signal is received under certain
> circumstances.  Both of these problems are fixed in the current
> development version of CVS that you can get from the repository at
> www.cvshome.org.

Thanks for your very quick response.

As ours are stuck at 100% CPU I would guess it is the second problem 
(signal related). The description also seems to match my gut feeling 
quite well as an aborted client would cause SIGHUP and/or SIGPIPE to 
be sent to the cvs server process..

Should I get the head version, or is there a 1.11 something branch I 
should be using?

Seems to be quite a lot of changes from 1.11.2. Is is possible to 
somewhat isolate the needed changes to fix this problem? Not entirely 
obvious to me from the change log on which changes this may be.. (no 
mention of cpu usage, infinite loops or signals in the changes since 

The first problem is very easy to find in the changes (2002-10-24 
21:54  dprice), but does not seem to be my problem as in our case the 
client has defenitely closed the connection and the server process is 
using as much CPU it can get, not hung waiting for the client.


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