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cvs queries, possibility of bugs

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: cvs queries, possibility of bugs
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 09:59:55 GMT

CVS Version: 1.11.2

Question 1
If I go:
cvs diff -r rel1 -r rel2
in a directory, I get notification that a diff is being done, and it is
on files that are identical, but due to branching history, happen to have
different version numbers.  Is there a way of making it silent?

Question 2
If I do:
cvs diff -r rel1 -r rel2 nonexistant.c
then because both tags are valid, I don't get notified that I made a typo
in the filename, even when it is clearly not in the repository.  Is there a
way of getting notified when I do a non-sensical command like this?

Question 3
I would like to do a "cvs rdiff" and get the same output that I normally
from doing a normal "cvs diff".

Question 4
When I do a "cvs log -b" in a directory with a sticky tag, I would expect
output to be the equivalent of "cvs log -rsticky_tag" but instead it
the sticky tag and goes for the import branch.  I would have thought that
"-b" would go for the sticky tag (if present).  Is there any way of getting
sticky tag to be used, besides typing it on every command?

Note: Because of questions (1) and (3) I actually end up doing two exports
and using the unix "diff -r" to produce diff listings.

Thanks.  Paul.

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