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"cvs move" command

From: Stewart Heitmann
Subject: "cvs move" command
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 14:26:50 +1100

I would love the CVS development team
to develop a "cvs move" command to
replace the clunky "cvs remove" + "cvs add".

Problem with doing a remove + add is the
new file does not conatin the revision
history of the old file.
While that info may not be pertinent to
revision deltas, the log info it contains
is invalulable to developers working on
that file.
It would be better if that log info could
travel with the file to its new location.

I suggest a "cvs move [srcfile] [destfile]"
command that copies the repository srcfile,v
file to destfile,v in the repository (thus
the new file retains its revision history).
Then it does a cvs remove on the original
srcfile so it can be reinstated later if needed.

Its very simple and I cant think of any reason
it wouldnt work.
comments anyone?

Stewart Heitmann

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