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Re: AW: "cvs move" command

From: Matt J. Gumbley
Subject: Re: AW: "cvs move" command
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 12:47:29 +0000
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Pierre, Kaz and Christian - many thanks for you replies to my mail... since it's only a small amount of refactoring, I'll go with the 'cvs rtag -d' option.. Thanks. Meta-CVS sounds interesting, and I'll investigate it.

Schoenebeck Christian wrote:
``Moving a file to another directory becomes a bit of a challenge, since we
now have a mapping that spans a single directory.  So some means of
linking these PDDB`s must be developed.  I could actually envision a
repository structure where EVERY file is stored in the same flat

My thougts. The only thing I'm concerned about is that the ext2 file system
would have it's problems with this, as it's performance slows down with a
high amount of files in a single directory. But that's a system specific
problem and guess this doesn't account to the new ext3 file system.

As far as I recall, doesn't ext3 use the same layout on disk, plus journalling info? ReiserFS may be better - wasn't it designed for different usage scenarios? http://www.namesys.com/ for more info..

Perhaps it would be better to store all the files in a database, rather than many-files-in-one-directory. Hashing the files across a tree of directories would be better, although what could you use as the hash key? You couldn't use file name, since in a rename/move, that'd change..?

Kind regards,

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