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Re: How to set a permission to "only" checkout the branch

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: Re: How to set a permission to "only" checkout the branch
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 13:03:23 GMT

"Kaz Kylheku" <kaz@ashi.footprints.net> wrote in message 
> "nasim naskhi" <nasim_rn@hotmail.com> wrote in message 
> news:<mailman.736.1043184708.21513.bug-cvs@gnu.org>...
> > Is it possible to set a rule for developers to only have permission to
> > checkout from the branch and not the main?
> Yes:
>     From: The Boss <theboss@company.com>
>     To: Developers <developers@company.com>
>     Hey everyone, please follow the configuration management practices in
>     this document <link...>.
>     Or else!
> That should work; if not, you have a people-problem, not a software problem.

It is better to get technology to solve the problem rather
than find a scapegoat afterwards.

I've seen source code completely lost.  The location it
was in was a development library, which got AUTOMATICALLY
DELETED after 1 year, rather than scrupiously backed up.

Yes, if the developer had followed the procedure, and remembered
to check in those files, there wouldn't have been a problem.

So the company got a scapegoat.

Or they would have if the developer hadn't left 3 years ago.
Either way the company was no better off with a scapegoat,
even one identified and still in-house.  Reducing his morale
isn't going to stop him being human.

The root cause of the problem was with Configuration
Management.  They should have compiled the executables
themselves, rather than letting the developers submit both
code and executable.  I pointed this out to them, and I
believe they have since addressed the root cause.

Nasim is not the only one who has a problem with people
committing changes to the trunk.  One of my co-workers
did it just one week ago.  It isn't his fault, it's my fault, as
Configuration Manager, for not providing a safe
environment for him.  Actually, my preferred solution to
the problem is for everyone to check out the entire build,
once, then no more checkouts, only updates.  That is the
root cause - insufficient disk space.  That problem is
slowly being addressed.

BFN.  Paul.

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