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Re: hash.c.312: findnode:

From: Manu
Subject: Re: hash.c.312: findnode:
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 21:20:04 +0100

Larry Jones wrote:
>Pierre Asselin writes:
>> Or he could rename the ,v file in the repository and check out a new
>> working copy, couldn't he?
> Yes, that works too, and is probably the better solution.

Unfortunately, I don't have a shell access to my SF repository.
I requested the SourceForge.net team to remove the files for me.
The three "makefile" from lib, src, winui/src were manually removed.

Now I need to "cvs add" my new makefiles:

I can still "cvs add lib/Makefile src/Makefile",
but "cvs commit" gives:

cvs: hash.c:312: findnode: Assertion `key != ((void *)0)' failed.
cvs [server aborted]: received abort signal

"cvs update" gives:
nothing known about lib/Makefile
nothing know about src/Makefile

Seems that cvs corrupted my repository,
cvs previously failed to add lib/Makefile src/Makefile,
but these files are assumed to be in the repository

Actually, I succeeded to "cvs add winui/src/Makefile"
and "cvs commit".
But I had to "cvs remove" the non-existing lib/Makefile,
src/Makefile to use my repository again.

Seems that I'll have to request SF team assistance
IMO, this is a serious issue.


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