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error while trying to login

From: Ravi Ganta
Subject: error while trying to login
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 11:00:03 -0500

HI all,

I downloaded cvsnt and installed it on win2K.
I disabled the impersonation
Created a repository with command cvs -d :local:C:/Test init
changed the config file to SystemAuth=no
Added a module to this repository.

The pserver protocol is enabled in the cvsnt service. Now I am trying to
connect to this using pserver protocol.
I created a .passwd file in CVSROOT and set the user name and password as:


Now I try to login using the command:

set cvsroot=:pserver:bob@<my-server>:/Test    (I set the C:/ in the
repository prefix)
cvs login

I get this error message:  cvs [login aborted]: Error reading from server
<my-server>: -1

I also tried to telnet but that too failed, it is not connecting to the cvs

Dows anyone know why I get this ??


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