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1.12 dev version number

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: 1.12 dev version number
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 09:44:30 -0500
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I currently have the trunk marked as, which is potentially confusing since previously thius would have meant the dev version _after_ a 1.12 release.

Any opinions on whether I should:

  1. Call it on the premise that we will never reach a stable
     1.11.99 release anyhow.
  2. Call it and temporarily defy our previous standard,
     possibly resulting in some error reporters thinking it okay to
     truncate version numbers and report errors in 1.12.
  3. Change the standard and call the post 1.12 version on the
     premise that it is leading up to 1.12.1.
  4. Do something else entirely.

I prefer #3 at the moment but I am still interested in hearing arguments for alternatives.



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