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Files not always committed at the top level

From: SG
Subject: Files not always committed at the top level
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 17:16:41 -0600

The scenario is the following:
I have a module called testSrc.  testSrc contains a file called parent1.c, and a directory called childA.  childA contains a file called childA1.c.
I checkout the module using: cvs -d :ext:user1@machine:/usr/local/cvsroot get testSrc
I make changes to parent1.c and childA1.c
I change my directory to testSrc
I commit using: cvs -d :ext:user2@machine:/usr/local/cvsroot commit -m "Commit message"
Note that the get and commit were performed using different users for the "-d" option.
The commit will only commit childA1.c.  If I immediately rerun the same commit command, parent1.c will get committed.
If I commit without the "-d" option, both parent1.c and childA1.c will be committed the first time.
If I only modify parent1.c, then it will be committed during the first commit.
I am running the above tests on cvs1.11.1p1 on Redhat 7.2.
I don't think the problem is always reproducible.

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