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From: budusanko
Subject: None
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 08:50:28 -0500

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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 08:58:37 -0500

Dear Sir , 
My name is Mr. Fudah Sanko the rebel leader in Sierra-Leone. You might have 
heard my problems with the Sierra-Leone present regime. 
If you wish to hear more, you can listen to BBC network Africa that is where 
you can follow my case up with Justice Harmoty who is planning to condemn me 
during the finalprosecution or trial. Our problem in Africa is that no 
President will like to relinquish power to another person of another party 
unless by violence or struggle which must emenate forcefully. 
I arranged with my wife and wrote this mail during her visit to me with a small 
laptop computer. My wife got your contact through the GOOGLE website and 
brought it to me, after reading your profile she chooses you. Incase government 
decide to kill me, please for further existence of my family, I kept the sum 
of$20.5m which I intend to use for importation of arms and ammunitions, also I 
kept some reasonable quantity of diamond in safe place which my LAWYER know 
about it before my problem arises.Presently, my LAWYER is in position of the 
fund and
diamond, also i told him not to keep this morney with our family
name,for security reasons. As a matter of urgency contact him on his e-mail 
address: david.nkosi@lawyer.com OR davidnkosi@mail.co.za arrange with him on 
how you will receive the fund and invest it in your
country for further existence of my family. 
Please make sure you give my son resident permit in your country. My son may 
like to move with my wife if they kill me. Don't fail to help my family for God 
sake. For your information, the fund has moved out of Sierra-Leone for security 
reasons.Contact my LAWYER for immediate actions. My LAWYER'S name is Mr. DAVID 
NKOSI.my son email address

Best regards, 

Mr. Fudah Sanko  
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