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Re: cvs tag (mis)behavior

From: Kaz Kylheku
Subject: Re: cvs tag (mis)behavior
Date: 12 Feb 2003 16:47:51 -0800

"Mark D. Baushke" <mdb@cvshome.org> wrote in message 
> The only situations I can come up with that the user might only want to
> tag the subset of files in the current tree that intersect with a tag
> are fairly contrived examples such as tagging the subset of all of the
> files that have been modified in the last month that were part of the
> original release_1-0 sources so that they could be sent to a third party
> that is keeping the API files and libraries... That kind of behavior is
> not really necessary. 

And if you want to contrive that behavior, you still can. Simply
supply the exhaustive list of files to explicitly identify what subset
of your visible working files you want to tag, e.g.:
find . -name CVS -prune -o -type f -print | xargs cvs tag -r TAG


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