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Re: configure problem

From: Wendy Palm
Subject: Re: configure problem
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 11:00:05 -0600
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Larry Jones wrote:

Wendy Palm writes:

our pre-processor is writing the error messages to stdout
instead of stderr, so the followon grep isn't finding the messages.

Egad, how could the highly-intelligent compiler folks at Cray and their
minions make such a bone-headed mistake?  The preprocessed output goes
to stdout; having the error messages go to the same place and thus
getting mixed in with it is -- how shall I say it? -- extremely

the new machine has a very different programming environment, and part of
the difference melded the stderr into the stdout.  i'm just really surprised
no one caught it til now.  we actually caught it while doing some posix testing
a couple of days ago, so i was able to take advantage of someone else's
report.  the fix is going in this morning.

inconvenient.  Of course, returning a successful completion status when
serious errors have occurred is also more than a little inconvenient.

well, they are only warning messages, so a 0 exit status is warranted (the
c99 standards don't specify what the exit status should be in this case).

now if i can just get this remote test stuff figured out....

wendy palm
Cray OS Sustaining Engineering, Cray Inc.
wendyp@cray.com, 651-605-9154

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