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Problems with cvs-1.11.5

From: David Abrahams
Subject: Problems with cvs-1.11.5
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 20:14:53 -0500
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After dropping the cvs-1.11.5 available at
in my path, I started noticing some strange behavior:

   1. I have CVS_READ set in my environment.  After checking out a
      file from NTEmacs using `C-x v v' the buffer becomes modifiable
      and write permission on the file is apparently granted
      (according to ls), but I can't save the file until I explicitly
      `chmod +w ...' it.

   2. This is the serious one: when I attempt to commit a single
      file, it is as though the filename I supplied on the
      command-line is completely ignored, and everything committable
      gets committed instead.

Slow though it may be, I'm going back to my cygwin cvs until I know
how to get around these problems!  Any help appreciated (deeply).


Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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