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Double referencing modules

From: Weldon, Kenneth A
Subject: Double referencing modules
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 14:33:54 -0800

  I think I have found a bug in CVS version 1.11.2, running on Solaris
5.5.1.  It deals with double references of modules.

For example, if the modules file looks like this:


module1 -d directory1 yoyo/directory1
module2 cvsroot/directory2

refmod1 = &module1

desiredmod &module2 &refmod1


If I check out desiredmod (cvs co desiredmod), I get a directory structure
like this:

         |                       |
      refmod1           directory2

If I now cd into desiredmod, and issue any CVS command, it will not
recursively act upon refmod1.
For instance, if I want to tag the desiredmod module, I have to cd into
desiredmod, issue the
command cvs tag <tagname>, and then cd into refmod1 and issue the exact same
I cannot use the rtag command at all, as it will not tag files under the
refmod1 directory.

I have run tests on double referencing of modules, which seem to work.  It
appears to be
the mixing of single references and double references when defining a

I would be happy to provide any more information, or be of any assistance.


Andy Weldon

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